Taoli World

The Taoli World Dance Competition is created by renowned dance educator, Professor Pan, Zhitao, who has also founded the original Taoli Cup in China. Organized by Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA), one of the most important goals of the Taoli World Dance Competition is to discover and cultivate new talents. Additionally, the competition also serves to showcase the achievements of dance instructors in both the United States and China, promote higher levels of teaching and performing, stimulate new dance creations, and propel dance development in all over the world. The panel of judges that has been assembled for this competition includes some of the most celebrated artists in the international dance community. Under their observation and guidance, the contestants can express themselves to the fullest. Through their dance, the contestants can tell stories of life’s ebb and flow, convey desires for happiness, and celebrate progress and development of harmony in the world. Selected dances of the regional competitions will advance to the final competition. Award-winning dances and groups will have opportunities to be invited to join the national and world tour.






The history and spirit of a culture are reflected in its performing arts. If this is true, then the richness, depth, and diversity of the Chinese culture are certainly embodied in its classical folk dance. Many outside of China are not aware, but there are 56 officially recognized ethnic groups in China. Each ethnic minority group in China possesses and practices its own unique form of “folk” dance that reflects its unique history, culture, and values. Though each group is uniquely different, together they form the collective spirit of the Chinese people, past, present, and future. Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA) was founded to create opportunities for effective and substantive cross-cultural exchanges in the performing arts between Chinese dancers and teachers in the U.S. and dance professionals in China. PACDA founder, professor Pan Zhitao, a nationally recognized authority, expert, and historian of Chinese folk dances has spent nearly his entire life dedicated to the teaching and exploration of this art form. By forming this alliance of dance instructors, professor Pan hopes to rally and unite all practitioners of classical Chinese folk dance, whether they are students or teachers, by offering resources and support to help them enhance their performance, strengthen their technique, and connecting their dance to the full richness of the Chinese culture. Whether you are a beginning or advanced student of Chinese dance, or a dance instructor, we invite you to become a member of the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance.

文化的歷史和精神體現在表演藝術上。如果這是真的,那麼中國文化的豐富性,深度和多樣性肯定體現在古典民間舞蹈中。中國以外的許多人都不知道,中國有56個官方認可的民族。中國的每一個少數民族都有自己獨特的“民間”舞蹈形式,反映了其獨特的歷史,文化和價值。雖然每個群體都有獨特的不同,但它們形成了中國人的過去,現在和將來集體精神。 泛美中國舞蹈聯盟(PACDA)的成立,為中國舞蹈教師與中國舞蹈演員在表演藝術方面進行有效和實質性的跨文化交流創造了機會。 PACDA的創始人,國內公認的中國民間舞蹈的權威,專家和歷史學家潘志濤教授,幾乎一生都在致力於這一藝術形式的教學和探索。組建這個舞蹈教師聯盟,潘教授希望通過提供資源和支持幫助他們提高表演水平,加強他們的技巧,從而凝聚和團結所有中國舞蹈的舞者,無論是學生還是教師, 連接他們的舞蹈到中國文化的豐富。 在此,無論您是中國舞蹈的初級或高級學生,還是舞蹈教師,我們都邀請您成為泛美中國舞蹈聯盟的成員。