The Taoli Cup Dance Competition is created by renowned dance educator, Professor Pan Zhitao, who was also founded the original Taoli Cup in China. Organized by Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA), one of the most important goals of the Taoli Cup Dance Competition is to discover and cultivate new talents.

A dance epic is a history of the development of human civilization.

Additionally, the competition also serves to showcase the achievements of dance instructors in both the U.S. and China, promote higher levels of teaching and performing, stimulate new dance creations, and propel dance development in all over the world.

The panel of judges that has been assembled for this competition include some of the most celebrated artists in the international dance community. Under their observation and guidance, the contestants can express themselves to the fullest.

Through their dance, the contestants can tell stories of life’s ebb and flow, convey desires for happiness, and celebrate progress and development of harmony in the world. Selected dances of the regional competitions will advance to the final competition. Award winning dances and groups will have opportunities to be invited to join the national and world tour.

Our mission is to promote Chinese dance art and creations, to train Chinese dance teachers and professional dancers, to provide a platform for dance competitions, master classes and activities. To enrich cultural life and to create opportunities for effective and substantive cross-cultural exchanges in the performing arts between Chinese dancers and teachers in the U.S. and dance professionals in China.