Hosted by the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA), Supported by the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center, and Beijing World Stage International Center of Culture and Art.

The 2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Group Dance Final was successfully held online on April 9, 2022. Contestants from North America, Asia, and Europe participated in the competition.

2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Group Dance Final

2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Solo, Duet and Trio Finals, invited famous teachers and professors to come and bring professional and authoritative comments. The judges include: teacher Pan Zhitao, a dance educator, the initiator of the “Tao Li Cup”, the chairman of the International Tao Li Cup Dance Competition Jury, the rotating chairman of the Pan American Dance Federation (term 2025-2027), a tenured professor of the Department of Drama and Dance of Bucknell University, and the original Hu Erdong, Director of the Dance Department, Chinese Director of the Goldsmiths Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance, University of London, Ou Shaolin, Distinguished Researcher of the Ethnic Dance Culture Research Base of the Beijing Dance Academy, and Ma Chengkui, Vice President, Professor and Graduate Supervisor of the Beijing Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dancers Association, California, USA Associate Professor of the Dance Department of the University of Irvine, former principal dancer of many dance troupes at home and abroad, teacher Wang Tong, former vice president and professor of Beijing Dance Academy, speaker of Chinese classical dance “Rhythm Tour”, teacher Wang Wei, rotating supervisor of the Pan American Dance Federation Teacher Wang Xinyue, founder and artistic director of Wang Xinyue Dance School in the United States.

Zhitao Pan

Erdong Hu

Chengkui Ma

Shaolin Ou

Tong Wang

Wei Wang

Xinyue Wang

2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Group Dance Final Results

Judge’s Choice Award

Judge’s Choice Award is for each judge to select a dance work that left the deepest impression on him/her in the 2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Group Dance Finals.

Pan Zhitao’s Judge’s Choice Award

Wang Xinyue’s Judge’s Choice Award

Mr. Wang Wei’s Judge’s Choice Award

Tong Wang’s Judge’s Choice Award

Ou Shaolin’s Judge’s Choice Award

Ma Chengkui’s Judge’s Choice Award

Hu Erdong’s Judge’s Choice Award

Elite Platinum

Taoli Spirit Award

The Taoli World Dance Competition also set up Taoli Spirit Awards: Best Performance Award, Best Skill Award, Best Devotion Award, Most Vibrant Award, Most Charming Award, Most Potential Award, Creativity Award, Best Costume Award , Best Cooperation Award, East-West Combination Award and Best Team Award.


13501Dragon’s Breath 水龍吟

14102 小格格駕到 Chinese princesses arrived

14802 紅梅贊 Ode to the Red Plum Blossoms

23205 俏花鼓 pretty flower drum

24102 我不上你的當 i don’t fall for you

24106 筷樂少年 Happy Boy

24107 彝族的滴滴調 Di Di tune of the Yi people

24201 吉祥熱巴 Auspicious Reba

24207 苗妹妹 Miao sister

24208 月願 moon wish

24211 青青竹兒 green bamboo

24401 天浴 day bath

24801 好姑娘 (彝族舞蹈)(Good Girls)

24802 溯*躍Against the Tide

25104 馳歸 galloping

25106 迎春 welcome spring

25201 朵朵紅梅向陽開 Blossoming red plums open to the sun

25205 喜樂中國 Joy China

25206 小荷(Small lotus)

25401 小草 grass

25402 繡影疊香 Embroidered Shadows and Fragrance

33401 Be in Harmony

35202 還有我們 KEEP STEP



14701 綰紗 Wan Sha

23102 童年叮叮噹Childhood JingleBells

23103 Tambourine Melody

23104 Cute Chicken Squad

23201 Octagonal Drum

23202 erguna river

23203 The sound of fishing drums

23204 Tiger doll celebrates Chinese New Year

23206 Guardian in the rain

23207 As graceful as a butterfly flying

23301 Bamboo Branch Word

24101 Happy dance

24103 Lollipop

24105 Dai small peacock

24203 Green Lotus

24206 blue sky

24209 Dai Bamboo Forest

24212 放牧青春(藏族舞蹈)Daughters of Himalayas

24301 Small play

24303 Mo Shang Sang

24304 Impressions of Banna

24601 Flower Bloom

25102 Cut window grilles

25105 Happy Jewoskar

25202 Flower season

25203 On the wings of singing

25204 good luck

25207 Dance rhyme folk customs

33301 Change我變了

34201 戰疫 war epidemic

35401 Great Territories 萬疆

43102 水里的世界SWIMMING

53801 Esmeralda’s Friends

63101 little dream baby

63102 Dream Princess

63103 Jasmine

63801 Moments 魔影魅韻

Excellent Effort Award


13401 月夜 Moon Night

14101 There is a girl

14103 Pretty Huadan

23101 Flower花兒

23401 Dragon King

23402 Mountain Spirit

23601 Miao doll loves embroidery

24104 Dream Elf

24202 Peach blossoms

24204 Flower waist girl

24205 古麗 Guli

24210 Jindalee in the flames

24302 Dai

25103 Growing up in the embrace of the motherland

34101 快樂寶貝(bar bar bar)

43101 We are all little stars

64201 The waves are blooming

Highest score in each age group/ level

In this spring final, the contestants competed according to different ages and different groups, including: toddlers, children, teenagers, youth and adults. The categories include: Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, Chinese contemporary dance, other (national standard, jazz, hip-hop, etc.), contemporary dance.

Age group

幼兒組Young Children/7 and Under
愛好組 Recreational
中階組 Intermediate

儿童A组 Children Group A/8-10
愛好組 Recreational
中階組 Intermediate
24213Spring Rain 且吟春雨

儿童B组Children Group B/11-12
愛好組 Recreational

少年A 组Teen Group A/13-15
愛好組 Recreational
中階組 Intermediate
13402春柳 willows in spring
15401A Great River一條大河

青年B组Young Adult B/30-35
愛好組 Recreational
14701绾纱 Wan Sha

成人A组Adult Group A/36-49
愛好組 Recreational
14801清平調 Qing Ping Diao
中階組 Intermediate
63801Moments 魔影魅韻

成人B组Adult Group B/50 and Above
愛好組 Recreational


中國古典舞 Chinese Classical

13402春柳 willows in spring

中國民族民間舞 Chinese Folk


中國當代舞 Contemporary Chinese

33401Be in Harmony

其他 Open (國標,爵士,街舞等)

63801Moments 魔影魅韻

當代舞 Lyrical/Contemporary


芭蕾舞 Ballet

53801Esmeralda’s Friends

Original Choreography Award

One ​​of the aims of the Taoli World Dance Competition is to promote choreography. Below are the original works award winners.

13402春柳 willows in spring

Choreographers: 余肖蓓 u chio pui

13501Dragon’s Breath 水龍吟

Choreographers: Cindy Luo 羅姗姗

15401A Great River一條大河

Choreographers: Jin Chen 陳進


Choreographers: 疆嘎 Jianga

24201吉祥熱巴 Auspicious Reba

Choreographers: 劉瑛文琪 Liu Yingwenqi

24801好姑娘 (彝族舞蹈)(Good Girls)

Choreographers: Mei Xia 夏玫


Choreographers: 劉智群 Liu Zhiqun

25106迎春 welcome spring

Choreographers: 張垚 Zhang Yao

25201朵朵红梅向陽開 Blossoming red plums open to the sun

Choreographers: 陳冰 Chen Bing

25205喜樂中國 Joy China

Choreographers: 朱麗艷 Zhu Liyan

33401Be in Harmony

Choreographers: 余肖蓓 u chio pui

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Spring Group Dance Finals

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