2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Session Solo, duet and Trio Finals, Graciously hosted by the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA). Supported by the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center and Beijing World Stage International Center of Culture and Art, were successfully held online from May 14th to 15th. Players from all over North America and Asia participated in the winter finals.

2021- 2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Session Final for Solo, Duet and Trio 

2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Solo, Duet and Trio Finals, invited famous teachers and professors to come and bring professional and authoritative comments. The judges include:

Mr. Erdong Hu, Professor and former Dean of Theater and Dance Department at Bucknell University.

Ms. Xiao Ma. Associate professor at Minzu University of China, Vice President of the Beijing Chinese Ethnic Folk Dancers Association.

Ms. Shaolin Ou. Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Mr. Zhitao Pan. Renowned dance educator, founder of the “Taoli Cup” competition, and Taoli World Dance Competition chief judge.

Mr. Tong Wang. Associate professor at the Dance Department of University of California, Irvine. Graduated from the Prestigious Beijing Dance Academy.

Ms. Wei Wang. Former Vice President of Beijing Dance Academy. Director of the Chinese Classical Dance series “Body Rhythm”.

Ms. Shin Wang. PACDA Supervisor of the Board, Founder and artistic director of the Shin Dance Academy.

(From left) Mr. Ma Xiao, Mr. Pan Zhitao, Mr. Wang Wei

(Row from left) Teacher Wang Tong, Teacher Ou Shaolin

(Second row from left) Teacher Wang Xinyue, Teacher Hu Erdong

The judges made detailed comments on the participating programs

2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Solo, Duet and Trio Final Results

Judge’s Choice Award

Judge’s Choice Award is for each judge to select a dance work that left the deepest impression on him/her in the 2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Spring Solo, Duet and Trio Finals.

Pan Zhitao’s Judge’s Choice Award

Wang Xinyue’s Judge’s Choice Award

Tong Wang’s Judge’s Choice Award

Hu Erdong’s Judge’s Choice Award

Ou Shaolin’s Judge’s Choice Award

Mr. Wang Wei’s Judge’s Choice Award

Mr. Ma Xiao’s Judge’s Choice Award


Taoli Spirit Award

The Taoli World Dance Competition also set up Taoli Spirit Awards: Best Performance Award, Best Skill Award, Best Devotion Award, Most Vibrant Award, Most Charming Award, Most Potential Award, Creativity Award, Best Costume Award , Best Cooperation Award, East-West Combination Award and Best Team Award.


11102 豆蔻梢頭 Cardamom tip

11203 荷 lotus

11205 唐俑 Tang Figurine

11208 水色伊人 light blue beauty

11212 小花旦

11214 唐印

11304Ode to lotus lovers

11401 Memories in the Blue Zither – 錦瑟

11403 Farewell Hometown 昭君淚

11404 Tang Dynasty Court Dance夢想霓裳

11502 洛神 Roselle

11603 孔雀東南飛 Peacock flying southeast

11604 一硯梨花雨 A Shower of Pear Blossoms

11804 扇舞丹青Rhythm of Fan Painting

12301 Fan Dance 扇趣

12401 Dunhuang 心應胡旋

12402 雙頭佛 double headed Buddha

12801 敦煌樂舞 Dunhuang duet dance

12802 When Two Jade Figurines Come Alive – 漢樂對影

21103 傣家小妹 Dai sister

21201 Rain in the Bamboo Forest – 雨竹林

21202 孔雀飛來 Flying Me

21204 山南笠影 Shannan Kasa

21207 古麗古麗 Guli Guli

21209 一條大河 a big river

21210 天涯共此時 End of the World at this time

21211 報童晨曦 Newsboy Dawn

21213 虎妞 tigress

21214 達甫姑娘 Dafu girl

21301 Water Girl – 水姑娘

21303 塔塔爾民族舞蹈 Tatar folk dance

21304 東北小妞 northeast chick

21305 大漠紅柳 desert red willow

21306 錦瑟 Jinse

21308 唐印

21403 Peach Flower Letter 桃花箋

21405 A Haunting Dream 碎夢憂人

21406 Red Willow in the Desert 大漠紅柳

21408 紫陶靈 Purple Taoling

21412 小青 Xiaoqing

21502 The Holy Snowy Plateau 雪域高原

21503 孤月杳然 lonely moon

21507 靈 spirit

21601 《阿孜古麗》 Azguli

21802 傾城 Qing Cheng

21901 Blooming – 綻放

22901 遊牧時光(Nomadic Time)

31602 最疼愛我的人去了 Gone Is the One Who Held Me Dearest

31901 Red Dust(滾滾紅塵)

32901 鏡中的自己 I and Me

41201 The Love

41202 Whisper of Hope

41304 One 唯一

62301 冬天裏的一把火 a fire in winter


11101 On the love of lotus

11105 豆蔻梢頭

11209 羅敷行

11211 蕎麥花開

11213 春閨夢

11305 鶴之語

11306 喜上眉梢

11307 戲夢一生

11402 Rain of Pear Flowers 一硯梨花雨

11407 園中

11602 憐昔

11701 那年花開月正圓 That year the flowers bloom and the moon is full

11801 山水之間

11802 Chinese Ink Dance (中華墨舞)

12302 不染

12901 紅棗樹(Jujube Tree)

21101 黑長發

21104 喜水

21205 獵徒

21212 羽化靈蛇

21307 洛神

21309 唐印

21407 Lotus Blossom(詠荷)

21409 水中月 Moon in Water

21410 香妃戎裝像

21602 追光

21801 Yimeng Mountain Minor(沂蒙山小調)

21803 《南山南》

21804 傣之花

21904 生命的河 River of Life

22201 快樂小魚

22501 雨中的邵多麗

31101 左手指月 Upwards to the moon

31202 火柴女孩 The Little Match Girl

41303 Just a Dream

41401 A Million Dreams

51301 芭蕾變奏

51401 Paquita Classic

51402 Coppelia

Excellent Effort Award

11104 梵音妙境

11202 媚

11204 放飛希望 Hope with Feathers

11210 喊月亮

11303 Blossoming – 豆蔻梢頭

11405 鄉愁無邊 Homesickness

11601 曼舞長寧 The Rhythms of the Palace

11803 美人關

11805 《采薇》

11806 絕代佳人( a knockout beauty)

12501 Black & White – TailChi Imagery (黑白-太極意象 )

21105 虎娃

21206 擺呀擺

21208 馬蘭花

21215 姑娘

21216 傣家姑娘傣家的雨

21217 頂碗舞

21302 The Magic Aster 馬蘭花

21402 Zan Ha – 贊哈

21411 香妃戎裝像

21413 鄂溫克的拉瑪湖 A Lake in My Hometown

21902 《彩雲之南》

21903 Shepherd of the Cocoa Sea 可可托海的牧羊人

31201 大魚 Big Fish

31203 新芽

31401 Flutter Gauze Kerchief 飄紗

31501 送別

31601 綰月 The Crescent Moon

41302 Halo

41402 Love In Late Autumn

41601 Rhapsody 狂想曲

41602 Break free

42201 火與水 Fire and Water

51201 Paquita Forest

51202 Don Quixote Cupid

51203 Nutcracker Spanish

62302 危險派對

Highest score in each age group/ level

In this spring final, the contestants competed according to different ages and different groups, including: toddlers, children, teenagers, youth and adults. The categories include: Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, Chinese contemporary dance, other (national standard, jazz, hip-hop, etc.), contemporary dance.

Age group

幼兒組Young Children/7 and Under
愛好組 Recreational
11102 豆蔻梢頭
中階組 Intermediate
21103 傣家小妹

兒童A組 Children Group A
愛好組 Recreational
21202 孔雀飛來 Flying Me
中階組 Intermediate
21214 達甫姑娘
11207 哪咤
高階組 Pre-Professional
41202 Whisper of Hope

兒童B組Children Group B
愛好組 Recreational
12302 不染
中階組 Intermediate
41301 光 – Light
11308 Loyalty 紅玉丹心
高階組 Pre-Professional
41304 One 唯一

少年A組 Teen Group A
愛好組 Recreational
12402 雙頭佛
中階組 Intermediate
21404 Moonlight Flower 月之花語
21401 The Auspicious Phoenix – 有鳳來儀

少年B組 Teen Group B
愛好組 Recreational
21507 靈
中階組 Intermediate
11503 醉花蔭 – Mesmerized Under Flowers’ Shade
51501 Coppelia Swanilda Variation
高階組 Pre-Professional
21505 沂蒙情懷

青年A組 Young Adult A
愛好組 Recreational
31602 最疼愛我的人去了 Gone Is the One Who Held Me Dearest
中階組 Intermediate
21602 追光
11607 Qiang Jin Jiu 將進酒
高階組 Pre-Professional
21601 《阿孜古麗》

青年B組 Young Adult B
愛好組 Recreational
11701 那年花開月正圓 That year the flowers bloom and the moon is full
高階組 Pre-Professional
21701 靈雀從林

成人A組Adult Group A
愛好組 Recreational
11804 扇舞丹青Rhythm of Fan Painting
21802 傾城 Qing Cheng
中階組 Intermediate
12801 敦煌樂舞 Dunhuang duet dance

成人B組Adult Group B
愛好組 Recreational
32901 鏡中的自己 I and Me
中階組 Intermediate
31901 Red Dust(滾滾紅塵)
21901 Blooming – 綻放


中國古典舞 Chinese Classical

11607Qiang Jin Jiu 將進酒

中國民族民間舞 Chinese Folk

21401The Auspicious Phoenix – 有鳳來儀

中國當代舞 Contemporary Chinese

31901Red Dust(滾滾紅塵)

其他 Open (國標,爵士,街舞等)


當代舞 Lyrical / Contemporary

41301光 – Light

芭蕾舞 Ballet

51501Coppelia Swanilda Variation

Original Choreography Award

One ​​of the aims of the Taoli World Dance Competition is to promote choreography. Below are the original works award winners.

11208 水色伊人
Choreographer: 買金

12801 敦煌樂舞 Dunhuang duet dance

Choreographer: Feng Han 韓峰

21207 古麗古麗

Choreographer: 白雪

21303 塔塔爾民族舞蹈

Choreographer: Andrei Matinkin

21701 靈雀從林
Choreographer: 毛瑩 Gem Mao

22901 遊牧時光(Nomadic Time)

Choreographer: 毛瑩 Gem Mao

32901 鏡中的自己 I and Me

Choreographer: Ying Shi 史穎

41202 Whisper of Hope
Choreographer: 張妹

42401 Fallen Soul 海底
Choreographer: Janice Wu 吳楊

62301 冬天裏的一把火

Choreographer: Linda Yang 楊潔瓊

Teaching Excellence

Another purpose of the Taoli World is to promote dance teaching. Peaches and plums, the next from Seikei. The Taoli Manyuan Award is set up for dance teachers, thanking the teachers for their serious and responsible dissemination of Chinese dance culture.


Happy Linda Dance Studio 多倫多琳達舞蹈藝術學校

UK China Performing Arts

Xuejuan Dance Ensemble 雪娟舞蹈學校

Zhaoli Dance School 趙莉舞蹈學校

亞省藝術學院 Arizona Art Academy



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