Hosted by the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA), Supported by the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center, and Beijing World Stage International Center of Culture and Art.

The 2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Winter Group Dance Final was successfully held online on February 27, 2022. Contestants from North America, Asia, and Europe participated in the competition.

2021-2022 Taoli World Winter Group Dance Finals

Judge team

2021 Taoli World Dance Competition Winter Session Final for Solo, Duet and Trio Dances Finals, invited famous teachers and professors to bring professional and authoritative comments. The judges include: Ms. Jin Chen. President of the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance. Former Principal dancer and instructor, China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble. Mr. Jimmy Hao. Graduated from the Prestigious Beijing Dance Academy. Professor at the Fresno City College Fresno, California. Ms. Xiao Ma. Associate professor at Minzu University of China, Vice President of the Beijing Chinese Ethnic Folk Dancers Association. Ms. Shaolin Ou. Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London. Mr. Zhitao Pan. Renowned dance educator, founder of the “Taoli Cup” competition, and Taoli World Dance Competition chief judge. Mr. Tong Wang. Associate professor at the Dance Department of University of California, Irvine. Graduated from the Prestigious Beijing Dance Academy. Ms. Wei Wang. Former Vice President of Beijing Dance Academy. Director of the Chinese Classical Dance series “Body Rhythm”.

From right side: Ms. Wei Wang, Mr. Zhitao Pan, Ms. Xiao Ma

Ms. Jin Chen

Ms. Shaolin Ou

Mr. Tong Wang

Mr. Jimmy Hao

The judges and teachers made wonderful comments online, which made the contestants full of rewards

2021-2022 Taoli World Winter Group Dance Final Results

Judge’s Choice Award

The Judge’s Choice Award is for each judge to select a dance work that left the most impressive impression on him/her in the 2021-2022 Taoli World Dance Competition Winter Group Dance Finals .

Pan Zhitao’s Judge’s Choice Award
23401 “The Horse of the Wind”
Wind Horses

Ou Shaolin’s Judge’s Choice Award
14201 Luo Xiu Si
Impressions Through Water Sleeves

Tong Wang’s Judge’s Choice Award
33402 One Breath Survives

Chen Jin’s Judge’s Choice Award
21102 Banna Impression

Mr. Wang Wei’s Judge’s Choice Award
14902 Paper Fan Scholar
The Paper Fan Sisters

Mr. Ma Xiao’s Judge’s Choice Award
24207 Post-Hidden Love

Hao Jianmin’s Judge’s Choice Award
23202 Newsboy Song

Elite Platinum

Taoli Spirit Award

Expressive heart, outstanding technique, dedication, most energetic, pure elegance, most potential, best creativity, dynamic costume, best partnership, best visual presentation, east meets west, team excellence.


13302 Zhuohua/Beauty Youngs

13401 Illusory from the heart

13902 Xiao Xiao

23202 Newsboy Song

23801 Missing (Si Nian)

24102 wash spring

24106 Dream Voyage

24207 Hiding Love

24302 Blossoming season

25103 Dai dance (more than every year)

25207 Me and my hometown

34901 Autumn

43201 Heroes from ancient times came out as teenagers

44101 Goose Goose

44601 Variation. Colorful glazed tiles


11101 Liyuan Xiaodan

11102 Tang Poem Dance

13201 The Song of Water Lily Moonlight on the Lotus Pond

13301 Mulan and her friends

13303 Beauty

13903 Big Fish of Begonia

14202 Junior China Chronicles

14901 Lotte Dance

21102 Banna Impression

21201 Little Lion Dance

23102 Snow Baby

23103 Bubbles like clouds

23104 I love vegetables

23201 Ronda Meadow

23301 Bloom

23601 Mountain Spirits

23901 Handkerchief Dance

24101 Reunion

24103 Brilliant Love

24104 Pretty

24105 I call the stars

24107 I have a dream

24108 I will tie my shoes

24109 Happy Song

24201 Paper Cut Girls

24202 happy

24204 Sing folk songs to the party again

24205 Anthem

24206 “Flower Bloom”

May 24208

24210 tambourine sound

25102 Magpies

25104 Beautiful Peach Blossom Mountain

25202 Wanquan River Water

25206 Tibetan Dance (River of the River)

25208 Bright Days

33401 Leaping

33402 Breathless

35201 Desire

44201 Fish Singing

63401 The Reckoning

63801Dumb Dumb

Excellent Effort Award

11201 Cold Food

11401 Enchanting Mei

13101 Rainbow Clothes

13202 Fan Dance Fan Line

21101 Fish Fun

21301 “Pioneer Boys in a Prosperous World”

23101 Peppa Pig

23203 Sister Miao

23902 Ode to Coral

24203 I love your little corner

24209 Ode to Style

24301 Bloom

24601 Rammedo

25101 A small flower

25204 Auspicious chopsticks

25205 The original intention is to the party and never forget

25301 The Return of the Horse

34101 Lollipop

34201 Joyful Cockoo Bird

63101Bang Bang Bang

63201Just Baby

Highest score in each age group/ level

In this winter final, the contestants competed according to different ages and different groups, including: toddlers, children, teenagers, youth and adults. The categories include: Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, Chinese contemporary dance, other (national standard, jazz, hip-hop, etc.), contemporary dance.

Age group

Young Children/7 and Under

Hobby Group Recreational
24102 wash spring

Intermediate Intermediate
44101 goose goose goose

Kids Group A

Hobby Group Recreational
25203 “Pencil · Linger”

Intermediate Intermediate
14201 Roxius Impressions Through Water Sleeves

Advanced group Advanced
63202We Meet in Dreams

Kids Group B

Hobby Group Recreational
24301 bloom

Intermediate Intermediate
43301 Fluttering/Dancing Birds

Junior Group A

Intermediate Intermediate
23401 Wind Horses

Advanced group Pre-Professional
13401 Illusory from the heart

Youth Group A

Intermediate Intermediate
23601 Mountain Spirits

Advanced group Advanced
13601 Huxuan Test

Adult Group A

Hobby Group Recreational
13801 Xianghe Song (Xianghe Song)

Intermediate Intermediate
23801 Missing (Si Nian)

Adult Group B

Hobby Group Recreational

Intermediate Intermediate
14902 The Paper Fan Sisters

Dance First

Chinese Classical

13801 Xianghe Song

Chinese Folk

23401 Wind Horses

Chinese Contemporary Dance


Other Open (GB, Jazz, Hip-hop, etc.)

63202We Meet in Dreams

Contemporary Lyrical/Contemporary

43301Dancing Birds

Original Choreography Award

One ​​of the aims of the Taoli World Dance Competition is to promote choreography. Below are the original works award winners.

13401 Fantasy comes from the heart
Choreographers: Du Zhaotong Drios; Ginny Ni Jin

13901Willow Green Willow
Choreographers: Feng Han Han Feng

13902 Xiao Xiao
Choreographers: Ying Shi

23801 Missing (Si Nian)
Choreographers: Yu Xiaojun Yu Xiaojun

24207 After hiding
Choreographers: Kelsang Droga

25201 Dazzle my youth
Choreographers: Yanan Li

25203 “Pencil · Linger”
Choreographers: Chen Liang Chen Liang; Peng Ying Peng Ying; Chen Weihong Chen Weihong

25207Me and my hometown
Choreographers: Yaxiong Liu

44601 Variation. Colorful glazed tiles
Choreographers: Cho Wa LAO Liu Chuhua

63202We Meet in Dreams
Choreographers: Mei Zhang

Teaching Excellence

Another purpose of the Taoli World is to promote dance teaching. Peaches and plums, the next from Seikei. The Taoli Manyuan Award is set up for dance teachers, thanking the teachers for their serious and responsible dissemination of Chinese dance culture.

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Winter Group Dance Finals

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