The 2022-2023 Taoli World Dance Competition Grand Finals is graciously hosted by the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance, supported by the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center, and Beijing World Stage International Center of Culture and Art.

This year’s Taoli World adopts the online + offline competition mode. Competitors from North America, Asia and Europe participated in this dance event.

Professor Pan Zhitao, Chairman of the Judge of the Taoli World Dance Competition, delivered a congratulatory speech

The dance event of the Pan American Chinese Dance Alliance, after the epidemic dissipates, grandly launched the 2023 Taoli Dance Competition. It can be said that it is not easy. Under the double test of online and offline, the duration of the master class has also been increased, which not only provides a platform for outstanding players to showcase, but also helps them improve! What a rare opportunity! ! ! In the borderless language of dance, Chinese dance represents our most unique and loudest voice. Let’s praise every dancer, every teacher, and the Pan-American Taoli World Dance! ! !

Taoli World Dance Jury Chairman Pan Zhitao wrote in Beijing in July 2023

Grand Finals Judge Team

This year’s Taoli World Dance Competition invited many famous teachers and professors to come and bring professional and authoritative comments. The judges for this year’s finals include: Pan Zhitao, the initiator of the Taoli, chairman of the jury of the Taoli World Dance Competition, Mr. Hu Erdong, the rotating chairman of the PACDA, a lifelong professor of the Department of Drama and Dance at Bucknell University and former director of the Department of Dance, Chairman of Pan-American Dance Alliance, Professor of Beijing Dance Academy, Master Tutor Huang Yihua, Outstanding Graduate of Beijing Dance Academy, Founder of Wanlin Dance and Performing Arts Teacher Luo Wanlin, Performer of Beijing Dance Academy Youth Dance Troupe, Dance Blogger Ma Jiaolong Teacher, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London, Ms. Ou Shaolin, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Peking University, Ms. Wang Xinyue, founder and artistic director of the American Wang Xinyue Dance School, Ms. Wang Xinyue, rotating supervisor of the Pan American Dance Federation, and associate professor of the Dance Department of the University of California, Irvine. Teacher Tong, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Dance, Minzu University of China, Yang Min.

“Group photo” of all judges

The professional opinions and suggestions of the judges and teachers have played an important role in promoting the growth of the contestants.

Winners Announced

 Judge’s Choice

The Judges’ Choice award is in the global finals of the 2022-2023 Taoli World Dance Competition. Each judge selects a dance work that left the deepest impression on him/her.

The Judges’ Choice award from the judges awarded by Mr. Hu Erdong

Judges’ Choice awarded by Mr. Huang Yihua

Judges’ Choice Award from Teacher Luo Wanlin

Judges’ Choice Award from Teacher Ma Jiaolong

Judges’ Choice Award from Teacher Ou Shaolin

Judges’ Choice awarded by Mr. Pan Zhitao

Judges’ Choice Award from Teacher Wang Xinyue

Teacher Wang Tong awarded the Judges’ Choice

Teacher Yang Min awarded the Judges’ Choice

Elite Platinum

The 2022-2023 Taoli World Dance Competition Grand Finals Elite Platinum winning works.

1st Place in Each Age Group

In this Taoli World Dance competition, players compete according to different age groups. The following are the first works in each age group.

1st Place in Each Dance Category

The Taoli World includes different types of dances, and the following are the works that won the first place in each type of dance.

Taoli Spirit Award

The Taoli World has set up the Peach and Plum Spirit Award. This competition is a simultaneous online and offline competition. There are works that have won awards both online and offline.

Team Excellence Award

Dance program “Flower Stick”

Teaching Excellence Award

Another main purpose of the Taoli World is to promote dance teaching. Peaches and plums, the next from Seikei. The Teaching Excellence Award is set up for dance teachers, thanking them for spreading dance culture around the world.

Jasmine Flower Dance 茉莉花舞蹈學校

Jun Lu Performing Arts 陸峻表演藝術學院

New Star & FA Dance 史穎舞蹈學校

South Coast Chinese Cultural Center 南海岸中華文化中心

Tundra Swan Art School 小天鵝藝術學校

Xuejuan Dance Ensemble 雪娟舞蹈學校

Zhaoli Dance School 趙莉舞蹈學校

 Studio of the Year

Zhaoli Dance School 趙莉舞蹈學校

Home of the Taoli Dancer

1st Position Dance Academy



ArtEast Studio 華藝工作室

Artmind Dance

Astars DanceArt Center 繁星藝術教育中心

Bright Pearl Dance

CAAM CDT 明尼蘇達州中美聯誼會中國舞蹈學校

DancEnlight Arts Centre 加拿大嘉佩舞蹈藝術中心

Dancing Wings Studio

Gina Ling Chinese Dance Chamber

Green Apple Art Academy

HongYun Dance Studio

J.Z Dance Studio

Jasmine Flower Dance (茉莉花舞蹈學校)

Jin’s Dance Studio

Jun Lu Performing Arts 陸峻表演藝術學院

Lingyun Rising Star 凌雲舞校

New Star & FA Dance 史穎舞蹈學校

South Coast Chinese Cultural Center 南海岸中華文化中心

Tundra Swan Art School (小天鵝藝術學校)

Xuejuan Dance Ensemble

Zhaoli Dance School 趙莉舞蹈學校

翩躚舞苑( Ethereal Dance Arts)

原創作品獎 Original Choreography Award


112202 劍器行 Legend of Sword

Cheoreographer:Xi Zhang

113101 青花瓷 Porcelain Love

Cheoreographer:Xi Zhang

119101 Landscape Mood 山水情

Cheoreographer:Ying Shi 史穎

122202 紮西德勒

129101 Gada Meiren 嘎達梅林

Cheoreographer:Lawrence Jin 金翯

129102 Nomadic Time 遊牧時光

Cheoreographer:Lawrence Jin 金翯

133301 Water Spirit

Cheoreographer:Jun Lu

134301 Jasmine in the Rain

Cheoreographer:Jun Lu

172401 Embrace

Cheoreographers:Jun Lu; Jazmine Gregory

172402 Revel

Cheoreographer:Nan Hao

214202 梁祝 Liang Zhu (同窗共讀)

Cheoreographers:Chaoxia 超霞 Zhang Fischer

122203 Coin Stick 花棍

Cheoreographer:Ying Shi 史穎

133201 畫卷之中 (Dance with Wind)

Cheoreographer:Lang Ma

Taoli Honors Award

Lauren Dravis Chen

Grace Gladue

Katelyn Hu 胡德馨

Yidan Sunny Hu 胡奕丹

Jessica Lin

Jasmine Sun 孫笑甜

Heather Wang

Lu Yang 楊露

Winners of the Taoli honor award

Platinum Award

112202 劍器行 Legend of Sword

112203 Song Bird of Paradise 妙音鳥

113101 青花瓷 Porcelain Love

113202 錦瑟

113204 唐印 Awakening of the Tang Figurine

113205 豆蔻梢頭

113207 春(Spring)

114202 點絳唇

114203 媚

114207 天涯共此時 Shared Moments

114309 扇舞丹青_ The Rhythm of Fan Painting

114311 Daydreaming 錦瑟

115203 霓裳夢 Dream of Fairy Dance

116302 蒹葭

118101 醉春風

118201 Together and Apert – 和離書

119101 Landscape Mood 山水情

122202 紮西德勒

123202 佤烈Fiery Wa

124201 碎夢憂人

124205 雪之尋 Longing

129101 Gada Meiren 嘎達梅林

129102 Nomadic Time 遊牧時光

133301 Water Spirit

134301 Jasmine in the Rain

172401 Embrace

172402 Revel

174201 荏苒 Swift

174202 Tangled 惑心

213101 桃花箋

214201 遇見敦煌 Sogdian Whirl

214202 梁祝 Liang Zhu (同窗共讀)

214303 迦陵頻伽

215201 Longing for you (望雨)

215202 The Peach Garden

222102 嬉水

314201 羅敷行 (Spring Stroll)

318201 月之茉莉 (Jasmine Under the Moon)

322202 魚兒躍 (Festive Fish)

329301 Dance Of Embroidery – Rhythm of Shanxi 繡之舞 – 情韻山西

Gold Award

112201 錦瑟

113203 敦煌樂舞

113206 奔月

114101 Water Lotus 睡蓮

114204 如夢令 (Sunset at the Stream Pavilion)

114205 湘雲飛 Story of Xiang Yun

114206 Mulan’s Journey (萬裏赴戎機)

114310 Spring Stroll 羅敷行

115101 霍元甲 Knightly Beauty

115204 皓月撩影 Moon and Shadow

115205 Orchid of Virtues 墨蘭謠

115306 醉花蔭 Blossom shade

117301 洛神 Luo Shen

122201 詠荷

123201 苗朵 Miao Dance

124202 花兒為什麽這樣紅

124203 花腰姑娘

124204 Wine Celebration 酒妹

124206 Girls 邵多麗

124307 英歌舞

135301 夜夢將醒 Insomnia

135401 青鸞 Cyan Phoenix

141101 小看戲

171202 Near Light

172101 神秘園 Secret Garden

212101 小狐仙

217201 茉莉飄香 The Delicate Scent of Jasmine

222101 兩座山

223201 一條大河

223202 畫茶閑情抒

223303 新彩雲追月

227101《滇南印少》Fluttering Umbrella

227402 石榴紅了

228302 My Beautiful Hometown 俺家鄉好

273301 歸巢- Arrival of the Birds

312101 珊瑚舞


322101 月願

322203 甩花腰

362101 八音盒 (Interesting)


The national peach collection is a classic, and peaches and plums are all over the world. The Grand Finals of the 2022-2023 Taoli World Dance Competition was successfully held!

Thanks to the organizer: PACDA, and the co-organizers: South Coast Chinese Cultural Center and Beijing World Stage International Culture and Art Center. Thanks to the judges and teachers for their guidance and professional comments. Thanks to the dance instructors and participating dancers for their hard work in rehearsing and to the relatives and friends who support the dancers. All front and backstage staff and volunteers. Make every effort to prepare for the Taoli World event and awards ceremony! Thank you to all viewers and friends who have followed the competition!

2022-2023 Taoli World Dance Grand Finals

Pan Qier teacher

The general convener of the Taoli World Dance Competition, and the co-founder of the PACDA

The Taoli World Dance Competition embodies the spiritual outlook of the Chinese at home and abroad and the unremitting efforts of the dancers to the things they love! Thanks to every participating group and contestant, especially the teachers, contestants and family members who have gone through all kinds of hardships to come to the scene to participate in the competition! We look forward to meeting with you next time!

——Pan Qier teacher

The pictures in this article are from Provided by Jun Yu, Kevin, the judges in Beijing